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Yacht Top Additional Class Notation

Additional class notations are state-of-the-art standards, developed in cooperation with the shipping industry, which may be assigned to vessels with enhanced characteristics in terms of safety, environment or quality of the navigation offered.

In particular, for yachts engaged in commercial activity or in private use, RINA UK has developed standards which enhance the vessel’s value and demonstrate commitment to excellence.


Comfort class
Assigned to yachts which achieve an elevated level of comfort, in terms of noise and vibration, for both crew and passengers.

Green plus
Based on the evaluation of an environmental performance index which covers all aspects of the yacht’s impact on the environment including carbon emissions.

Designed to meet MCA LY3 requirements on the certification of masts and rigs. It certifies sound design and construction of these critical parts through computational analysis and testing activities at mast manufacturers.

Hybrid propulsion
It seeks to regulate the installation and control of the combined thermal and electric propulsion, a system capable of increasing both the environmental and energy performance of the vessel.


RINA UK developed these additional Class notations not only with the scope of certifying the enhanced performance of a yacht, but also to support shipyards and designers to achieve them.

Our experts can advise how to reduce vibration on board, the best way to design a rig configuration and optimize many other aspect of the project through advanced computational analysis.


Additional class notations are managed along with the classification process and are therefore granted upon plan approval and/or onboard verifications with dedicated surveys and tests.


Why an owner/shipyard should choose to get an additional Class notation?
Thanks to these recognitions the owner/shipyard, not only is provided with a third party assessment of the enhanced characteristic of his yacht, but adds prestige and resale value to the project that can be promoted more effectively through the media.

Is there a rating related to the achievement of a Class notation?
Some of the class notations, as the Green Plus and the Comfort ones, are “goal based”. This means that a score is assigned to the yacht performance. This score is of course revealed only to the customer. Other notations have a prescriptive approach without any rating assigned.

Do additional class notations have an expiry date?
It depends on the notation: for example, the comfort class maintains its validity throughout the ship’s life, while the RIG notation is subject to annual and renewal audits aligned with class periodical surveys.
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