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Yacht Technical Advisory

RINA UK supports stakeholder’s business strategy through market analysis, validate novel features through technology qualification process, train onboard and shore staff. A wide range of in-house developed and commercial software tools represent a valuable support in all areas of activity. With a vast portfolio of activities aiming at increasing the value of our client’s business, we can help improving the safe operation of ships, increasing their efficiency and certifying their environmental sustainability.


Noise and vibration
Noise and vibration are best minimized at the design stage, but later interventions are also possible thanks to our highly specialized teams and dedicated software tools.

Stability and hydrodynamic
Hydrodynamic loads and their impact on the ship’s structure are calculated making use of sophisticated technology tools in support to the design process and for investigation related to an incident.

Support in the pre-contractual phase
Before a newbuilding contract is signed, RINA UK can offer advice on a project’s feasibility and review the contract’s technical specifications.

Risk analysis
Risk-based approach can help identify innovative solutions applicable to ship design, operation and maintenance.

Approval in principle of innovative projects
AIP aims at verifying a new concept is feasible and realistic, and that the intent of the applicable rules is met.

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