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Yacht Special Services

In addition to verifying compliance with mandatory applicable Class and statutory regulations, RINA UK, through our multi-sector expertise, can provide a set of services dedicated to different users in the yachting market, going from the composite builder to the marina manager, from the owner of a 10 m boat to a designer of a 70 m mast.


Mast & Rig Verification
A unique service intended to verify the compliance to statutory requirements (MCA LY3) and to optimize the rig’s design on a voluntary base.

Marina Excellence
This certification assesses the quality of the marina giving a rating based on its harbor services, touristic services, sustainability and safety standards.

Quality production control for composite builders
Aimed at assisting Manufacturers in achieving an adequate level of quality of their production, while improving the efficiency of the process through optimization of time, resources and materials.

Tonnage preliminary calculation
To verify at an early stage which is the approximate gross tonnage of a project.


Our well renowned expertise in technical activities and long experience in diversified certification fields, make RINA UK the best partner for the most demanding customers.


Yacht special services are generally provided through plan approval activity, followed by an audit at customer’s premises or a survey and test of the product to be certified.


What is the procedure to request RINA UK survey for the issue of the Certificate of Fitness?
The request and payment of this service can be managed on line through RINA e-commerce website.

Is RINA UK authorized only to carry out the survey for the certification of small commercial vessels?
RINA UK is certifying authority for small commercial yachts with MCA and many other reputable Flags, so it is delegated to carry out the surveys and issue the certificates.

Which is the method used by RINA UK to calculate the rig of a sailing boat?
RINA UK is adopting unique software that allows taking into account also the dynamic forces acting on the mast, combining them with the aerodynamic loads on the sails.
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