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Recreational Craft CE marking

RINA UK is a Company based in Southampton that is active in the Recreational Craft sector, based on accreditation obtained in Italy by RINA SERVICES, as a Notified Body (#0474), according to European Directive 2003/44/EC. RINA UK combines its lengthy experience and constant updating of its know-how in the recreational craft market, characterised by a framework of standards and technological innovation that is continually evolving.


From when Directive 94/25/EC came into effect, vessels up to 24 metres long and new builds must bear the CE Mark for the purposes of free trade within the European Economic Area.

The CE Mark is issued based on the construction and fitting out criteria laid down by the Directive. These criteria cover fundamental aspects such as the health and safety of passengers, product quality, pollution and safeguarding the consumer.


The philosophy behind the new community directive approach is based on the free circulation of goods, as well as people and services. For this reason, no Country on the European Union may now prevent a CE marked product from entering its territory, not may it refuse to allow it to be marketed.

RINA UK's CE Marking process guarantees ship owners and manufacturers:
  • support when it comes to uniform application and interpretation of the Directive on Recreational Craft
  • conformity to the limits laid down in terms of exhaust gases, in order to guarantee a lower environmental impact
  • meeting the highest safety standards, as well as increasing the commercial and qualitative value over the yacht's entire life-cycle.


RINA UK operates on the basis of the accreditation obtained in Italy by RINA SERVICES as a Notified Body (#0474) according to European Directive 2003/44/EC. It offers a range of instruments to assist designers and manufacturers, as well as offering new services pursuant to the Directive's essential requirements.

RINA UK's strength lies in the quick, professional service it offers throughout the vessel's life-cycle: from designing to building, testing materials and components to sea trials, as well as periodic inspections.


When requested to provide certification, RINA UK uses its highly qualified technicians and surveyors to carry out an effective, precise checking service, based on the evaluation module chosen: documentation and construction drawings are checked, inspections are carried out in the shipyard to assess the product's conformity to the drawings presented and the quality of the building process. Inspections are carried out on the finished product to check that all the essential safety requirements have been effectively satisfied.


Is CE marking of a vessel obligatory?
Yes, for it to be marketed in the European Community, is must bear the CE Mark.

Does the CE Mark have an expiry date?
No, provided no modifications are made to the unit in question, the Mark has no expiry date. However, it may be necessary to have the Marking updated, if the Reference Standards change.

How long does the CE certification process take?
Depending on the evaluation module chosen, the certification process runs parallel to designing and building the product. RINA UK monitors the vessel from the preliminary design phase through to the finished product being launched.

Is there only one type of CE Marking?
No, there are eight evaluation procedures ("modules") that cover the design and building phases. These range from internal production (module A), to checking the product (module F) and through to guaranteeing total quality (module H).
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