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Yacht Services

With a new building portfolio close to the 30% of the global order-book and over 1.300 classed yachts, RINA is a leader in the yachting certification business.

In addition to core services, such as yacht classification and statutory certification, our competency is well renowned also for a wide range of technical advisory services that can really add a unique value to the client’s projects.

From recreational crafts to large luxury mega yachts, RINA UK is the reliable partner. We are recognized by 100 Flag Administrations and we are notified authority in UK for EC Directive and certification for small commercial vessels, and an organization recognized by MCA, Red Ensign Group and many other reputable Flags for the large commercial yacht certification.


RINA UK is one of the five RINA's plan approval centers dedicated to yachts. The others are based in Italy, Korea, Turkey and China, an operational network covering the strategic yachting area. RINA UK can assure a top quality service to our client in United Kingdom and all around the world.

Our teams have developed two separated set of Rules for Commercial and Private Yachts, giving the customer the possibility to choose if comply with the stricter commercial yachts standard or preserve the distinctive features of a pleasure vessel, taking advantage of RINA UK assistance in the adoption of alternative design.

Our worldwide recognized expertise on passenger ships has been transferred in the development of equivalent standards applicable to luxury yachts over 90 m in length.