RINA UK Ltd is a certification company based in Southampton that mainly develops and offers services for recreational craft operators in terms of classification and CE marking of yachts.

We provide all our experience and commitment, throughout the United Kingdom, to offer strategic support to public and private organisations, who strive to attain the highest levels of quality, efficiency, safety and sustainability.

As a guarantee of the value of our certifications, we have acquired extensive accreditation issued by international, EC and national accreditation bodies/organisations.

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Recreational Craft CE marking

RINA UK is active in the Recreational Craft sector​​. CE marking of vessels up to 24 metres long and new builds, mandatory for the purposes of free trade within the European Economic Area, is done based on building and fitting out criteria laid down by the directive, related to the health and safety of passengers, product quality, pollution, and safeguarding of consumers.


Yacht Top Additional Class Notation

Additional Green Plus, Rig, Class Comfort, and Hybrid Propulsion class notations are cutting-edge standards that can be assigned to vessels that have advanced characteristics in terms of safety, the environment, or quality of navigation. In particular, for yachts used for commercial activities or private use, the standards developed by RINA UK increase the vessel's value, and demonstrate a commitment to excellence.


Yacht Technical Advisory

RINA UK supports stakeholder’s business strategy through market analysis, validate novel features through technology qualification process, train onboard and shore staff. With a vast portfolio of activities aiming at increasing the value of our client’s business, we can help improving the safe operation of ships, increasing their efficiency and certifying their environmental sustainability.


Yacht Special Services

RINA UK develops a series of services for various yachting operators, from shipbuilders who use composite materials to marina managers, from owners of a 10 m long vessel to the designer of a 70 m long mast. The services offered include: checking masts and rigging, checking production quality for shipbuilders who use composite materials, and preliminary gross tonnage calculations.